Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 106-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Pharmaceuticals (15b)

#480 - Innovations in Biopharmaceutical Process Development (15B08)
We seek papers addressing advancement, innovation and application of state of the art bioprocessing solutions to the challenges of development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Papers offering insights on advances in process development, process development tools, processing and monitoring technology, and plant design and management will be included in this session. Also of interest are PAT applications to bioreactors. Novel sensor technologies, intelligent sensors, optimization tools, or multivariate analysis implemented/under development for applications in biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical manufacturing, process development or pilot plants are encouraged to apply.
Chair:Gregory Frank
CoChair:Ashraf Amanullah
12:30 PMLiver Tissue Engineering with Inverted Colloidal Crystal Scaffolds for In Vitro Drug Testing Application
Jungwoo Lee, Nicholas A. Kotov
12:51 PMOptimization of Chemically-Defined Media for High Cell Density Growth of Lactococcus Lactis Using Highly-Efficient Nonlinear Experimental Design Methods
Guiying Zhang, David E. Block
1:12 PMMixing Studies with Elephant Ear Impellers: Are They Low Shear Agitators?
Alvin W. Nienow, Sophie Zhu, Waldek Bujalski, Mark J. H. Simmons
1:33 PMEvaluation of a Pendulum Agitator In Biopharmaceutical Applications
Lauren Speciner, Al Stern, Tom Bewley, Liza Munda, Brad Wolk, Adeyma Arroyo
1:54 PMAutomated Monitoring of Mammalian Cell Cultures Via An Auto-Sampler and An Integrated Multi-Functional off-Line Analyzer
Gayle E. Derfus, Daniel Abramzon, Meg Tung, Robert Kiss, Ashraf Amanullah
2:15 PMThe Design and Synthesis of Novel Excipients for the Suppression of Protein Aggregation
Curtiss P. Schneider, Bernhardt L. Trout
2:36 PMDevelopment of a ‘Cycle to Cycle' Control for the Mcsgp-Process for a Monoclonal Antibody Variant Separation
Cristian Grossmann, Manfred Morari, Massimo Morbidelli, Guido Ströhlein
2:57 PMBreak

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