Thursday, November 20, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 106-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Pharmaceuticals (15b)

#601 - Innovations in Pharmaceutical Process Development (15B05)
We invite submissions for work describing innovative formulation, processing, monitoring, or testing strategies. These may be novel strategies, or strategies from other industries or academic fields that have not been routinely applied to pharmaceuticals.
Chair:Shawn Brueggemeier
CoChair:Stelios C. Tsinontides
8:30 AMAccelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP): Improved Protocol and Data Analysis for Accelerated Shelf-Life Estimation of Solid Dosage Forms
Kenneth C. Waterman, Anthony J. Carella, Michael J. Gumkowski, Bruce C. MacDonald, Michael C. Roy, Sheri L. Shamblin
8:50 AMAn Observed Correlation Between Flow and Electrical Properties of Pharmaceutical Blends
Kalyana Pingali, Fernando J. Muzzio, Troy Shinbrot
9:10 AMOn the Role of Electrostatic Charge on the Drug Delivery through a Dry Powder Inhaler
Kewu Zhu, Wai Kiong Ng, Reginald B. H. Tan
9:30 AMIn-Process Characterization of Coated Pharmaceutical Powder Blends Using NIR Spectroscopy
Lauren Beach, Jorge Ropero, Manel Alcalā, Rodolfo Romaņach, Rajesh Dave
9:50 AMOrientation Index of Tablets as a Means of Quantifying Intra-Tablet Coating Variation
Arjun V. Kalbag, Carl R. Wassgren
10:10 AMApplication of Multivariate Latent Variable Modeling to Pilot-Scale Spray Drying Monitoring and Fault Detection: Monitoring with Fundamental Knowledge
Salvador Garcia-Munoz, Dana Settell
10:30 AMGranule Strength Determination and Compactibility of Granules of Varying Density
Kevin Macias, M. Teresa Carvajal

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