Thursday, November 20, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 202-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Topical 4: Sustainable Biorefineries (T4)

#696 - Integrated Processes for Biochemical Conversion of Renewable Feedstocks to Fuels and Chemicals (T4008)
Papers should focus on integrating multiple unit operations for bio-refining and conversion of renewable feedstocks to fuels and chemicals, especially in regards to opportunities for enhancing process efficiencies. Emphasis will be given to papers relying on experimental data applied in combination with fundamental engineering principals. Examples could include: combining pretreatment and hydrolysis, heat recycle between pretreatment and distillation processes, developing water recycle schemes, and integrated co-fermentation and product recovery.
Chair:Nathan Mosier
CoChair:Katherine A. Taconi
CoSponsor(s):Bioengineering (15c)
Forest and Plant Bioproducts Division (17)
Separations Division (02)
Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)
3:15 PMSustainable Biomass Based Biorefinery
Manoj Kumar
3:40 PMEnzymatic Hydrolysis and Ethanol Production from Afex Pretreated Bagasse at High Solid Loading Using Recombinant Ethanologens
Chandraraj Krishnan, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce Dale
4:05 PMBiological Conversion of Municipal Solid Waste to Ethanol
Jian Shi, Bin Yang, Charles E. Wyman
4:30 PMDesign of In Situ Product Recovery Devices Using Polymeric Resins
David R. Nielsen, Kristala L. Jones Prather
4:55 PMQuantifying Uncertainties In Biorefinery Options Using Expert Opinions
Farminder S. Anand, Matthew Realff, Kristiina Iisa

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