Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Salon I (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Adsorption and Ion Exchange (02e)

#340 - CO2 Sequestration by Adsorption (02E13)
We welcome theoretical and applied papers on new materials and processes for adsorption applications in energy and fuel cell technology including on all fundamental and applied aspects of adsorption in the capture and storage of carbon dioxide.. Examples of acceptable topics include (but are not restricted to) the synthesis of novel or improved adsorbents (such as novel forms of carbon or templated materials) for hydrogen, methane or natural gas storage; metal hydride hydrogen storage systems, adsorption purification systems for fuel cells and fuel processing; adsorption storage for gas transportation; adsorbents and adsorption technologies for automotive applications; adsorbents and processes for CO2 sequestration; etc. Both fundamental and application aspects are welcome. We will include the papers on fundamental understanding through theory, modeling, and controlled experiments as well as engineering, application and scale-up studies
Chair:F. Handan Tezel
CoChair:Atanas Serbezov
3:15 PMAdsorption of Carbon Dioxide on Modified SBA-15
Vladimir Zelenak, Maria Badanicova, Flor R. Siperstein
3:40 PMDesign, Characterization and Application of a Hyperbranched Aminosilica (HAS) High-Capacity Sorbent for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas
Jeffrey H. Drese, Jason C. Hicks, Daniel J. Fauth, McMahan L. Gray, Christopher W. Jones
4:05 PMDevelopment of Sulfur Tolerant High Durability CO2 Sorbents at High Temperatures
Hong Lu, Panagiotis (Peter) Smirniotis
4:30 PMAdsorption of CO2 on Rock Surfaces by Molecular Simulations
Luzheng Zhang, Robert Lee, Brian McPherson
4:55 PMMetal Organic Frameworks for Carbon Dioxide Adsorption from Flue Gas
Annabelle I. Benin, Syed Faheem, John J. Low, Richard R. Willis, Antek G. Wong-Foy, Kyoungmoo Koh, Adam J. Matzger, A. Ozgur Yazaydin, Randall Q. Snurr, Xiayi Hu, Stefano Brandani, Jian Liu, M. Douglas LeVan
5:20 PMPressure Swing Adsorption Cycles for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Amal Mehrotra, Armin D. Ebner, James A. Ritter

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