- 11:30 AM

Perspectives on the Energy Challenges Facing the US

Lynden Archer, Cornell University, 120 Olin Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, Soni Olorunfemi Oyekan, AIChE Fellow, 108 Parkview Drive, La Place, LA 70068, Lester Lyles, The Lyles Group, USAF, 1703 Burlwood Court, Vienna, VA 22182, Henry Brown, Polaroid, 145 Lexington St, Weston, MA 08493, Mae Jemison, The Jemison Group, PO Box 591455, Houston, TX 77259, and Arnold Stancell, Georgia Tech, 15 Woodside Dr, Greenwhich, CT 06830.

Panel Discussion