CdS/CdTe Thin Film Solar Modules and Atmospheric Pressure Physical Vapor Deposition

Brian Ashenfelter, The McKetta Department of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering, Trine University, 1 University Ave., Attn: Chemical Engineering, Angola, IN 46703

With the rising cost of energy and the increasing demand to make it more green, solar power has become an increasingly popular market. The new technology of thin film CdTe solar modules has been proven as a cheap affective way to generate power. In this competitive field, many different applications have been developed which relay on physical and chemical vapor transport systems. The objective of this presentation is to discuss the principles behind CdTe thin film solar energy and also film deposition. This includes the viability of atmospheric physical vapor deposition (APPVD) as an industrial application. Summarized, will be a general process in current use by CalyxoUSA (Perrysburg, OH) which is proof of this concept.

Web Page: www.calyxo.com