Metal Oxide Nanofiber and Its Application in Gas Sensing

Ashley Schempf, Wenzhao Jia, and Yu Lei. Chemical, Materials and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Connecticut, 191 Auditorium Rd, U3222, Storrs, CT 06269

Electrospinning is a process in which polymers can be spun into nanofiber mats by applying high voltages. Electrospun nanofibers have been widely applied in tissue engineering, chemical sensors, filters, and drug delivery. In this study the electrospinning process is used to produce metal oxide nanofibers. The morphology of the as-prepared metal oxide nanofibers is characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The application of the as-prepared metal oxide nanofibers in gas sensing will also be demonstrated.