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Targeted Infusion Project: Implementation of a Bioengineering Concentration in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Prairie View a&m University

Felecia Nave, Michael Gyamerah, and Irvin Osborne-Lee. Chemical Engineering, Prairie View A&M University, PO Box 519, MS 2505, Prairie View, TX 77446

With the emergence of newer technologies, many of which steeped deeply in chemical engineering principles, the chemical engineering profession has witnessed an increased decline in the number of students choosing it as a field of study. To address this issue, many chemical engineering programs have updated their curricula to reflect the emergence of biotechnology and nanotechnology, as chemical engineering is a natural fit. Hence, a number of chemical engineering departments have changed their names and curricula to reflect a shared focus on biology and chemistry, while others see fit to maintain their original name and have “bio-“concentrations/tracks or offer a biochemical degree within the Chemical Engineering Department.2 Consistent with these trends, the Department of Chemical Engineering at Prairie View A&M University has initiated steps to implement a Bioengineering concentration as a option within its program with the assistance of funding from the National Science Foundation HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Program. This poster presents an overview the accomplishment-to date of this project, future work and lessons learned.