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Engineering Virtual Organization for Pharmaceutical Engineering and Science

Kamal Kuriyan1, Ann Christine Catlin2, and G. V. Reklaitis1. (1) Pharmaceutical Technology & Education Center, Purdue University, 203 S Martin Jischke Dr, W Lafayette, IN 47907, (2) Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, Purdue University, W Lafayette, IN 47907

The pharmaHUB Engineering Virtual Organization for Pharmaceutical Engineering and Science (EVO-PES) is an interdisciplinary resource for sharing and building the science and engineering base for pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing. pharmaHUB leverages the cyberinfrastructure technology developed by HUBzero to support the collaborative research and education activities of the interdisciplinary but widely scattered community of academic researchers in pharmaceutical engineering and science, and their governmental and industrial counterparts. pharmaHUB was created with a mission to facilitate sharing of information, knowledge and modeling tools. The site promotes the dissemination of educational materials and course modules for use in the education and training of engineers and pharmaceutical scientists in academia, industry and regulatory agencies. Most importantly, pharmaHUB offers powerful research simulation tools which can be accessed with a web browser. pharmaHUB also provides tools for management of structured knowledge including an ontology browser and editor which can be used to explore OWL ontology files.

Web Page: https://pharmahub.org/about