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Design and Setup a Computer Control Pilot Plant for Thermal Cracking Experimental Studies

Mir Esmaeil Masoumi, Chemical Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University, North Branch of Tehran, #16, South Mokran Street, 5th Golestan Ave., Pasdaran Street, Tehran, Iran, Ali Gholi Niaei, Applied Chemistry, Tabriz University, 51666., Tabriz, Iran, and Jafar Towfighi Daryan, Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, 14115-143, Tehran, Iran.

Thermal cracking of hydrocarbons from ethane up to gas oil is one of the most important processes for production of olefins, the basic feedstock for the petrochemical industry. The key to successful process control in the manufacture of ethylene is temperature control of thermal cracking furnaces. This paper describes a computerized thermal cracking pilot plant and its capabilities for experimental studies. A computer program was developed for the monitoring and control purposes. By using a mathematical model, which describes the static operation of the pilot plant, a simulator was developed. This model is used to predict the steady state profiles of gas temperature and product yield. The effects of coil outlet temperature (COT) on product yield were investigated by simulation and experimental studies. The results show good agreement between simulation results and the experimental data.