- 2:15 PM

CO2 Adsorption on Mesoporous Porous Silica Surfaces Containing Amine-Like Motifs

Guoying Zhao and Niklas Hedin. Department of Physical, Inorganic and Structural Chemistry, Stockholm University, Arrhenius Laboratory, Svante Arrhenius väg 12 ,Frescati, Stockholm, S-106 91, Sweden

Post combustion separation of CO2 from flue gas mixtures is a crucial unit operation in the carbon capture technology. In the established technologies, CO2 is normally separated with alkanolamines aqueous solution or liquid ammonia. These absorption processes are energy intense and costly. Increased environmental attention and the significant footprints of carbon and hydrocarbon based energy sources warrants new gas separation technologies (cleaner and more cost-effective) to be developed - for a competitive implementation of carbon capture and storage technologies. Advanced liquids, inorganic or polymer membranes, and improved adsorbents have been put forward as candidate materials for such new low energy cost processes. Here, we will discuss CO2 adsorbents related to post-combustion CO2 separation process. In some detail, chemically modified mesoporous solids will be discussed. Certain chemical aspects of functional mesoporous silica with amine-like motifs, will discussed together with related analyses. The temperature and pressure dependent adsorption of CO2 and CO2/ H2Omixtures, on such mesoporous modified silica materials, will be presented and compared. Finally, the findings will be discussed in a broader context and compared with other potential adsorbents, including microporous and mesoporous adsorbents.