- 1:45 PM

Solids Drying Process Simulation by Solidsim --- a New Tool for Flow Sheeting of Solids Processes

Ting(Tim) Han and Joerg Theuerkauf. Solids Processing, Engineering & Process Science, The Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, TX 77566

Solidsim is a new Microsoft WindowsTM based flow sheet simulation software for complex solids processes which can be used to predict the performance of a processing plant and to simulate plant extensions, modifications or designs.

In this paper, Solidsim was used to simulate the processes of two types of convective dryers: the co-current flow dryer and the cross-current flow dryer, respectively. The material and energy balances for each process was calculated by Solidsim. The results were evaluated. In addition, by changing input and output data of the dryers, Solidsim has been further investigated on predicting and optimizing the performance of the convective dryers.