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My Chemical Engineering Web 2.0 Applications

S. A. D. T Subasinghe, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

My Chemical Engineering Web 2.0 Applications In the beginning of 2007, when I came across blogger.com which belongs to Web 2.0 I thought it as a vital platform to share chemical engineering related knowledge with people around the world. I initiated a web blog on blogger.com with a title of “Chemical and Process Engineering” on the domain http://www.cpelanka.blogspot.com . This lengthy domain was annoying for many users, so I brought a domain name, www.chempro.org and host my blog on it. I published many posts on my web blog which is closely related to chemical engineering. It was quickly indexed with Google, Yahoo and many of world famous search engines and it became one of chemical engineering web 2.0 application. Some of my web blog visitors were kind enough to give feedback on my work. A Malaysian chemical engineer Mr. Zaki Yamani Zakariya was first one who came up with series of progressive comments. Prof. Ajith de Alwis, Ph.D.(Cambridge) who is my academic advisor and one of readers of my web blog gave me enough direction on topic selection and provided me with many resources. I maintain my web blog for more than one year and it has more than 3000 visitors each month reading my posts. I came across a free social network creator and initiated a social network for chemical engineers and placed that network on http://www.cpeng.snappville.com. It is fast growing chemical engineer's network and it is also dedicated to share information. But the approach of this social network is different. It is a platform to share user generated content with users. In my web blog I share content which is generated by my self. But in Chemical Engineers' network I am also one content make and there are many of others who contribute to generate chemical engineering related information. As an engineering student of developing country, Sri Lanka; I am doing this effort with lot of financial barriers. So these days I am try to monetize my blog and social network to make some money for my living cost. I have put Google Adsense on my blog and social network. However I have never never never never never give up my effort and I am continually working on my blog and social network to realize my vision “Sharing Chemical & Process Engineering knowledge with people around the world is my perspective.”

Web Page: www.chempro.org