- 1:45 PM

Secrets of Supercoaching Inventors

Gregory Leman, PhD, Department of Management & Entrepreneurship, Baylor University, One Bear Place, Box #98006, Waco, TX 76798-8006

The SuperCoach(tm) Entrepreneurial Training system has been built and optimized specifically to enable technical inventors in the discovery of exactly how and where their innovations can produce high value that can be captured. The tools and techniques used in this system drive the development of the understanding that so often highly technical would-be entrepreneurs lack when they "pitch" their opportunities to angel or venture capital investors, and can be equally overlooked in the corporate settings where technical and business leaders remain separated into functional silos. A key insight from combined experience of several top entrepreneurial coaches can be summarized by the statement, "No one writes their way to success - but they must talk their way" demands that a cohesive story of how the business will actually create value and how that value will be defended. The process of how that story is most efficiently created, and its assertions defended are reviewed and exemplified. This methodology is contrasted and compared to classic models of mentoring and consulting.