- 2:10 PM

Managing Technological Innovations: Tips for Scientists and Engineers

Mukund Karanjikar, Chevron Energy Technology Co, 3901 Briarpark Drive, Houston, TX 77042

The lack of innovations is often blamed on management policies or on the gap between ‘technical' and ‘commercial side' with their divergent perspectives. Many times however the owner of the idea (i.e. engineer, scientist or technologist) can do a number of additional activities in order to make his or her idea a ‘package' that can be sold to both insiders and outsiders.

This presentation discusses ten tips for innovators in order to enhance their chances of success. It is based upon an article published by the author in November issue of Chemical Engineering Progress (1).


1. M. Karanjikar, ‘Corporate Venturing and Pursuit of Innovation: Ten Tips for Intrapreneurs', Chemical Engineering Progress, Forthcoming, November 2007, pp 45-47