- 1:30 PM

Visualization: Exposing the Art in Thermodynamics

Kenneth Jolls, Chemcial Engineering, Iowa State University, 2155 Sweeney Hall, Ames, IA 50011

The visual element in classical thermodynamics was affirmed 135 years ago when J. Willard Gibbs used imagery to show how the criteria for equilibrium were revealed in a model of the surface of the Fundamental Equation. The torch that Gibbs lit has been carried by many scholars of the subject since then who have used a variety of ways to draw pictures of thermodynamic subjects. We are fortunate today to have the computer to manage the details of graphics creation so that we—the teachers of thermodynamics—can manage the content. The possibilities are enormous. "The "Medium can Bring the Message."

This talk will present both old and new examples of thermodynamic information visualized and touch also upon the use of graphics in other areas of chemical engineering education. Half a century ago Edward R. Murrow predicted that "Television can teach." But some would argue today that his prophecy has only partially come to pass. The impressive graphics tools of the 21st century suggest the same for computer visualization. How the future will treat that notion lies largely in the hands of educators like those who will attend this talk.