- 2:10 PM

Pyrophoric Films Based on Nano-Sized Iron

Zac Doorenbos1, Alok Vats1, Jan Puszynski1, Rajesh Shende1, Deepak Kapoor2, Darold Martin3, and Chris Haines2. (1) Chemical and Biological Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City, SD 57701, (2) US Army ARDEC, Picatinny, NJ 07806, (3) Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, Picatinny, NJ 07806

Pyrophoric α-iron nanostructured porous coatings were prepared by a sol-gel technique. Iron oxide coating deposited on a non-porous metallic substrate was formed from FeCl2 dissolved in ethanol in the presence of Brij-76 surfactant. The gelling process was conducted by the addition of propylene oxide. The surfactant was removed by washing in ethanol and the resulting coating was heat treated to form Fe2O3. The Fe2O3 coatings were reduced in H2/N2 atmosphere at temperatures above 500oC and after cooling tested for their pyrophoricity in flowing air. These coatings have shown a strong affinity to oxygen. The effect of processing condition as well as thickness of the coating and it morphology on maximum combustion temperature and the duration of a pyrophoric reaction will be discussed. Experimental data will be compared to results obtained from one-dimensional mathematical model.