- 4:05 PM

The Pillars of Che: An Integrated Curriculum at Pittsburgh

Joseph J. McCarthy, Chemical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 1249 Benedum Hall, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Our fully integrated Chemical Engineering curriculum is unique for its use of B

lock Scheduling a technique with a strong literature base and proven track record in K-12 education for the first time into a traditional higher education Engineering curriculum. Block scheduling, in its simplest form, is transforming multi-semester courses into a single-semester course via extended, concentrated contact time. Among other things, the flexibility afforded by extended and more frequent contact time allows (and encourages) greater opportunity for active and collaborative learning. In this talk, we outline the design and structure of our 6 Pillars of Chemical Engineering and present some of the assessment results to date as well as highlight dissemination materials that we are making available to facilitate adoption/adaption of some or all of our work.