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Using Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles to Study Uptake and Intracellular Trafficking of Biochemicals Central to Osteonecrosis

Fedena Fanord1, Korie Fairbairn1, Harry Kim2, Venkat Bhethanabotla3, and Vinay K. Gupta1. (1) Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, University of South Florida, 4202 E Fowler Avenue, ENB 118, Tampa, FL 33620, (2) Shriners Hospitals for Children, 12502 Pine Drive, Tampa, FL 33612, (3) Department of Chemical Engineering, University of South Florida, ENB 118, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33620

Osteonecrosis of the femoral head is a common hip disorder in juveniles that causes loss of the structural integrity of bone and deformity, often resulting in premature end-stage osteoarthritis. Current treatments are limited to high risk surgical procedures for young patients. Studies have shown that inhibiting osteoclastic resorption can prevent the development of the femoral head deformity; but much remains to be discovered about the molecular targets, uptake, and intracellular trafficking of the biochemicals that inhibit the osteoclastic resorption. We have focused on using functionalized gold nanoparticles (GNP) and exploiting the optical properties of the GNP for visual imaging of the progression of biochemical action on osteoblast and osteoclast cells. Mineralized matrices treated with functionalized GNP will be used to model cellular uptake from the bone surface. Characterization of the functionalized GNP and cellular response with UV-Vis and infrared spectroscopy, dynamic light scattering (DLS), optical microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) will be presented.