- 9:45 AM

Mixer Performance and Scale-up Calculations Using a Microsoft Excel Based Tool

David A. R. Brown, BHR Group, The Fluid Engineering Centre, Cranfield, MK43 0AJ, United Kingdom

Through BHR Group's Fluid Mixing Processes (FMP) consortium, BHR have developed a novel Microsoft Excel based mixer performance calculation tool. This is essentially a correlation based tool, with an easy to use and familiar Excel based interface. A large number of proprietary and non-propriety mixer performance prediction functions and correlations have been implemented, covering the performance of single and muti-phase stirred tanks, in-line static mixer and jet mixed systems. The tool can be used to easily and quickly perform "what-if" and scale-up calculations. Other facilities included to aid use include an integrated unit conversion tool and a simple mixer diagram, as well as facilities to save and restore previous calculations.

The presentation will discuss the potential advantages and the sometimes significant risks associated with using this and other mixer performance calculation tools.