Ways of Increasing the Efficiency of Refineries

Nickolai V. Kuzichkin1, Nickolai V. Lisitsyn1, and Vladimir I. Fedorov2. (1) Chair of resources and energy saving, Institute of Chem.Tecnology, Irinovski av.,25, Moskovcki av.,26, Saint Petersburg, Russia, (2) Resources Saving Technologies Department, Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University), Nastavnikov Street,25, Moskovsky prospect,26, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Rapidly growing demand and high oil prices force oil companies to search potential efficiency improvements of the refineries. Technical audit, organized Global Shell Solution Company has shown, about possibility of increasing to efficiency of the refineries without essential investment. How can companies define priority challenges, allowing perfecting technical and economic factors of the production?

The criteria for priorities (safety factors of quality, heat recovery, engineering standards deviation and others), which allow defining the bottleneck problems in sphere of management and technical usage of the plant, are examined in this paper.

The analysis of the plant was organized by means of criterion. There were improved processing characteristics of the reformer, CDU, xylene plant and blending of gasoline and diesel oil. Refinery margins increased by up to $0.2 per ton with using the existing assets.