- 3:15 PM

Sustainable Biomass Based Biorefinery

Manoj Kumar, White Biotechnology, DSM Innovation Center Inc, 45 Waterview Blvd, Parsippany, NJ 07054

DSM brings a sustainable operational history and an industry leading skill-set in the field of Industrial Biotechnology to the challenge of Biorefining. We are leveraging the longstanding competencies and knowledge derived from the biotechnology, chemistry, and operational components of DSM.

In this presentation, we will describe our vision for sustainable biorefining based upon full integration of all operational and technology elements to be developed concurrently within powerful industry partnerships.

We will provide data to illustrate that today's business model for the supply of bioproducts software into the Bioethanol/biofuels/Bio-based chemicals and materials market sector will not be sustainable for the future, whereby such products will need to be manufactured within the boundaries of the Biorefinery itself. Bioproducts manufacturing will have to be fully integrated into such a Biorefinery or it could be connected as a “on site” or “bolt-on” or ”Over the Fence” (OTF) facility. Additional key elements of integration will include, amongst others, co-development of suitable fermentation organisms that are capable to metabolize mixed sugars simultaneously along with effective pre-treatment technologies that generate hydrolysates and or hydrolysable substrates.

We will illustrate that the above focus on integration and the ability to impact all relevant process technologies will create, through compelling economics, a strong sustainable advantage for Biorefinery practitioners on a global basis.