Thursday, November 8, 2007: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 252 A & B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15e)

#540 - Intracellular Processes II (15E24)
A second session in intracellular processing
Chair:Melissa A. Moss
CoChair:Anand R. Asthagiri
8:30 AMCytoskeletal Control of Passive Nuclear Pore Diffusion
Thomas F. Chancellor Jr., Tanmay Lele
8:50 AMCyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Signaling Caused Differentiation and Apoptosis in Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Linxia Zhang, Christina Chan
9:10 AMModelling the Interaction of Receptor-Mediated and Intrinsic Polarity in Eukaryotic Chemotaxis
J. Krishnan
9:30 AMEngineering Electrochemical Platforms to Control Intracellular Redox Environment
Jerrod Henderson, Paul J. A. Kenis, H. Rex Gaskins, Matias S. Attene Ramos, Vladimir Kolossov, Anna Sokolowski
10:00 AMA Microfluidic Approach for Studying Atp Release Kinetics from Red Blood Cells
Jiandi Wan, William D. Ristenpart, Catherine Best, Renita Horton, Guido Guidotti, Edward H. Abraham, Howard A. Stone
10:20 AMModeling Transport Across Mitochondrion Inner-Membrane Using The Chemi-Osmotic Hypothesis In A Crowded Protein Environment
Victor G. J. Rodgers
10:40 AMSingle Molecule Observation of DNA Polymerase / RNA Polymerase Interactions on DNA Templates
Charles M. Schroeder, Sangjin Kim, X. Sunney Xie

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