Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 250 F (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15e)

#233 - Gene Delivery II (15E23)
The session seeks to explore topics associated with the development of novel gene delivery vehicles and process in gene and/or oligonucleotide delivery.
Chair:Tatiana Segura
CoChair:David Putnam
12:30 PMActive Intracellular Transport Of Polyethylenimine/dna Polyplexes
David M. Drake, Daniel W. Pack
12:50 PMIdentifying Rate Limiting Barriers To Nonviral Gene Transfer Via A Rnai High-Throughput Screen
Gregory A. Barker, Scott L. Diamond
1:10 PMCombinatorial Modification Of Polymers Enhances DNA Binding Constants And Greatly Increases In Vitro And In Vivo Gene Delivery Efficacy
Jordan J. Green, Gregory T. Zugates, Janet A. Sawicki, Daniel G. Anderson, Robert Langer
1:30 PMControllable Concentration Gradients By Spatially-Patterned Gene Delivery
Tiffany Houchin-Ray, Marina Zelivyanskaya, Lonnie D. Shea
1:50 PMIn Vitro Gene Delivery through Membrane Sandwich Electroporation
Zhengzheng Fei, Shengnian Wang, Yubing Xie, Brian E. Henslee, L. James Lee
2:10 PMEngineering Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors With Novel Cellular Gene Delivery Properties
James T. Koerber, David V. Schaffer
2:30 PMTargeting Specific Cell Types With Engineered Lentivirus In Vivo
Yuning Lei, Leslie Bailey, Haiguang Yang, Kye Il Joo, Taehoon Cho, Lili Yang, Pin Wang

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