Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 3:30 PM-6:00 PM
Room 253 B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15e)

#300 - In Honor of Ed Leonard on the Occasion of His 75th Birthday II (15E19)
A continuation of the sessions to honor the accomplishments of Ed Leonard on the Occasion of His 75th Birthday
Chair:Vincent Turitto
CoChair:Scott A. Banta
3:30 PM"Evolving Applications Of Chemical Engineering To Problems In Biology
Sten Bay Jørgensen
3:50 PMChemical Engineering Principles In The Paradigm Of Genomics
Sobin Kim
4:10 PMCell Capture Behavior in C.E.E™ Microfluidic Rare Cell Capture and Enrichment System
Pavel Tsinberg, Zhongliang Tang, Kai Chang, Foster Chen, Jayesh Mutyal, Herbert Radisch, Edward F. Leonard
4:30 PMMembrane Receptor Microarrays
Charles Maldarelli, Alexander Couzis, Lane Gilchrist, Nikhil D. Kalyankar
4:50 PMChemical Engineering As A Tool For Increasing Water Supply
M. Kevin Price
5:10 PMErythrocyte Migration In A Blood-Sheath Flowing System
Christian P. Aucoin, Edward F Leonard
5:30 PMClosing Remarks
Edward Leonard

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