Thursday, November 8, 2007: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 254 B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Food (15a)

#587 - Food Process Monitoring and Control (15A01)
This session seeks submissions in all areas associated with development of control strategies for food processing, developing sensor systems to enable process control, and the development of novel processes in the food industry.
Chair:Colin Crowley
CoChair:Ravi Ponangi
12:30 PMStudies on Batch Drying Kinetics of Green Peas and Horse Gram
Murali mohan Vaka, Kamalakar D, Rajesh Kumar K, Rajendra Prasad P, Sujatha Vanapalli
12:50 PMApplications Of Population Balance Equation Modeling To Food Emulsions
Neha B. Raikar, Surita R. Bhatia, Michael F. Malone, Michael H. Henson
1:10 PMFractional Differential Equations Based Modeling Of Microbial Destruction In Meats
Pawan Singh Takhar, Apneet Kaur
1:30 PMMicrofluidic ELISA Chips For Multiplex Detection Of Foodborne Pathogens
Wei-Cho Huang, Yunling Bai, I-Ching Tang, Shang-Tian Yang
1:50 PMIntermission
2:00 PMPartial Hydrogenation Of Vegetable Oil Using Membrane Reactor: Composite Membrane Properties And Their Influence On Hydrogenation
Devinder Singh, Mary E. Rezac, Peter Pfromm
2:20 PMComparative Study of Heat Penetration Parameters Using Miniature Remote Temperature Sensors Vs. Type-T Thermocouples
Aakash Khurana, George Awuah, Lisa M. Weddig, Chris Balestrini
2:40 PMA Device Using Neural Networks and Artificial Noses for the Monitoring of Wine Fermentation
Miguel J. Bagajewicz, Shawna Linehan, Sarosh Nizami

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