Monday, November 5, 2007: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 251 B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Bioengineering (15c)

#70 - Bioseparations and Downstream Bioprocessing I (15C13)
Separation unit operations make up a critical portion of biologics downstream processes. Complexity inherently associated with biologics manufacture such as product heterogeneity and host impurities presents process challenges not typically encountered in small-molecule separations. With bioreactor titers increasing steadily over the last several years, production cost and operational pressures are shifting further to downstream. In addition, biological metabolites are still produced in relatively low amounts. The development of cost- and time-effective bioseparation and concentration unit ops is thus key to efficient downstream processes. This session will focus on highlighting the latest advances in bioseparations and downstream processing, aimed at cost reduction, improved efficiency, and shortend development time. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Centrifugation; Crystallization, evaporation, and precipitation; Membrane-based separations; Adsorption and ion exchange; Extraction; Expanded-bed chromatography.
Chair:Sa Ho
CoChair:Katherine A. Taconi
12:30 PMDisc Stack Centrifugation 2L To 20,000L Scale-Up Evaluation For Mammalian Cell Clarification: Optimization Of Bioreactor Harvest Conditions For Combined Cell Removal And Mab Purification Capabilities
Jonathan Karl Romero, James Chrostowski, Philippe de Vilmorin, John Smelko
12:55 PMAn Ultra-Scale down Study of the Separation of Flocculated E. Coli Extract in a Disc-Stack Centrifuge
Alex Berrill, Sa Ho, Daniel Bracewell
1:20 PMSimple and Efficient Downstream Bioprocessing of Virus-Like Particles Using Cell Free Reactors
Yap Pang Chuan, D. I. Lipin, L. Lua, A. P. J. Middelberg
1:45 PMDowex 1x4-400 Treatment Of A Recombinant e. Coli Extract: Removal Of Colored Impurities, Catechols, And Endotoxin
John T. Herberg, Alan K. Hunter, Sa V. Ho
2:10 PMAdsorption Of A Small Non-Enveloped Virus Using A Trimeric Peptide
Caryn L. Heldt, Patrick V. Gurgel, Lee-Ann Jaykus, Ruben Carbonell
2:35 PMAffinity Chromatography Of Cell Culture Derived Vaccinia Virus
Michael W. Wolff, Corina Venzke, Anke Zimmermann, Sara Post Hansen, René Djurup, Rene Faber, Udo Reichl

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