Wednesday, November 7, 2007: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 250 B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15e)

#363 - Mems and Biosensors: Biosensors (15E15)
This crosscutting session will highlight new theoretical and experimental developments in the application of microfabricated systems and devices that utilize cells and isolated biomolecules to tissue engineering, cell separation, gene expression profiling, and biosensing.
Chair:Harihara Baskaran
CoChair:Tao L. Lowe
8:30 AMNanoparticle Binding On Model Phospholipid Membranes Using Liquid Crystals As A Detection Platform
Deny Hartono, Kun-Lin Yang, Lin Yue Lanry Yung
8:55 AMApplication Of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy For Detection Of Beta Amyloid Mediated By Sialic Acid
Christopher Cowan, Theresa A. Good, Hope T. Beier, Gerard Cote, Joseph B. Jackson
9:20 AMMolecular Biosensors For Detection Of Beta-Amyloid Plaques And Oligomers
Eun Seok Gil, Anna Barnette, Jinwoo Cheon, Seong H. Kim, Tao L. Lowe
9:45 AMTowards In Vivo Biosensors. Coimmobilization Of Glucose Oxidase And Ferrocenes In Hydrophilic Hydrogels
Walter Torres, Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
10:10 AMEffects Of Electrolyte And pH On The Behavior Of Crosslinked Films Of Ferrocene-Modified Poly(Ethylenimine)
Stephen A. Merchant, Daniel T. Glatzhofer, David W. Schmidtke
10:35 AMA Cytometer Capable Of Tracking Suspended Particles In Time
Greg Sitton, Friedrich Srienc

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