Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 251 B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Bioengineering (15c)

#213 - Advances in Metabolic Engineering and Bioinformatics I (15C07)
Metabolic engineering is the targeted improvement of the cellular metabolic phenotype using recombinant DNA technology. Experimental and mathematical techniques that are used to characterize metabolic networks are also included. Bioinformatics tools are critical for the advancement of metabolic engineering and many other fields in biotechnology. Abstracts describing new developments in these topics are sought, and those incorporating both mathematical modeling and experimental aspects are particularly encouraged. Example areas include quantification of metabolic fluxes, inverse metabolic engineering, production of novel products, application of evolutionary techniques, construction of metabolic models from genomic data, incorporation of microarray and proteomic data and mathematical modeling of metabolism. The session is open to papers focused on any type of organism.
Chair:John A. Morgan
CoChair:Kenneth F. Reardon
12:30 PMAn Inverse Metabolic Engineering Approach For Tyrosine Production In Escherichia Coli
Christine Nicole S. Santos, Gregory Stephanopoulos
12:50 PMHeterologous Production Of The Antimalarial Drug FR900098 In E. coli And Streptomyces lividans
Tyler Johannes, Huimin Zhao
1:10 PMMetabolic Flux Elucidation For Large-Scale Models: 13C Labeled Isotope Analysis Of A Strain Of Escherichia coli Producing Amorphadiene
Patrick F. Suthers, Anthony Burgard, Farnaz Nowroozi, Stephen Van Dien, Jay D. Keasling, Costas D. Maranas
1:30 PMMetabolic Engineering of Agrobacterium Sp. for Synthesis of Complex Carbohydrate Epitopes
Anne Ruffing, Zichao Mao, Rachel Ruizhen Chen
1:50 PMBreak
2:00 PMExploiting Phenotypic Diversity Through Global Transcription Machinery Engineering
Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer, Gregory Stephanopoulos
2:20 PMDesign, Construction, and Performance of A Carotenoid Over-Producing E. Coli
Pornkamol Unrean, Cong Trinh, Friedrich Srienc, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert
2:40 PMOverproduction Of Ohhl In E. Coli Via Directed Evolution And Metabolic Engineering
Lianhong Sun, Pavan Kumar Reddy Kambam, Daniel J. Sayut

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