Wednesday, November 7, 2007: 6:30 PM-9:00 PM
Exhibit Hall B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Pharmaceuticals (15b)

#517 - Pharmaceuticals Poster Session (15B14)
This session seeks submissions for posters from all of area 15b.
Chair:Praveen K. Sharma
CoChair:Jean W. Tom
Scale Up Of Buffer And Media Filtration
Willem Kools, Jonathan Royce
Relation Between Flow And Electrical Properties Of Pharmaceutical Blends
Kalyana Pingali, Fernando. J Muzzio, Troy Shinbrot, Maria. S Tomassone
Use Of A Continuous Countercurrent Centrifugal Extractor To Improve Cycle Time And Productivity Of Arzoxifene, A Novel Selective Estrogen Reuptake Modulator
Kevin D. Seibert, Philip Hoffman, Martin Johnson, Zheng Chen
Experimental And Dem Study Of The Compaction Of Blends In A Shear Environment
Marcos Llusa, Fernando Muzzio, Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri
Separations of Chiral Pharmaceuticals: Direct Experimental Probing and Molecular Modeling for Elucidating the Molecular Recognition Mechanism of Amylose Tris 3,5-Dimethylphenylcarbamate
Rahul B. Kasat, Siao Yee Wee, Ji Xian Loh, Elias I. Franses, N. H. Linda Wang
Synthesis of Piperazine by Cyclization of Ethylenediamine on Hzsm-5
Zhiping Le, Xiufang Zhang, Fei Yu, Shaobo Deng, Roger Ruan, Yanqiu Huang, Zhaoping Chen
Optimization Of Monoclonal Antibody Production Using Process Simulation And Scheduling Tools
Charles Siletti, Demetri Petrides
Development of a New Method to Determine a Three Dimensional Topographic Image from One Picture Taken by a Normal Digital Camera
Kari Seppälä, Tero Närvänen, Jouko Yliruusi, Osmo Antikainen, Jyrki T. Heinamaki
Process Simulation And Production Scheduling Practices In The Pharmaceutical And Specialty Chemical Industries
Demetri Petrides, Victor Papavasileiou, Charles Siletti
An Ontological Framework for Knowledge Modeling in Pharmaceutical Product Development
Ankur Jain, Venkata Pavan Kumar Akkisetty, Leaelaf M. Hailemariam, Pradeep Suresh, Girish Joglekar, Venkat Venkatasubramanian, Kenneth R. Morris, Gintaras V. Reklaitis
The Pope Ontology for Pharmaceutical Product Development
Leaelaf M. Hailemariam, Ankur Jain, Pradeep Suresh, Venkata Pavan Kumar Akkisetty, Girish Joglekar, Shuo-Huan Hsu, Kenneth R. Morris, Gintaras V. Reklaitis, Prabir K. Basu, Venkat Venkatasubramanian
Solid-State Analysis of An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Crystalline Phase Obtained through Desolvation
Claire Lee, Stephen Conway, Robert Wenslow, Rositza Petrova, Alex Chen, Narayan Variankaval
Supporting Tools for Design and Validation of Process Analytical Technology System
Ravendra Singh, Krist V. Gernaey, Rafiqul Gani
Impact Of Single Crystal Structure Information To The Development Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Alicia T. Ng, Baoqing Ma, John D. DiMarco, Qi Gao
Inverse-QSAR Design Methods
Derick C. Weis, Donald P. Visco Jr., Jean-Loup Faulon, Shawn Martin
Characterization of Insulin Association Sates Using Laser Light Scattering
Maritza Muñiz - Maisonet, John M. Wiencek
Therapeutic Proteins And Degradable Polymersomes
David A. Christian, Diana M. Bowen, Dennis E. Discher
Probing the Interactions of Water with Naturally Smart Biopolymer “Human Skin”
Santosh Yadav, Stephen W. Thiel, Gerald B. Kasting, Neville G. Pinto
Intraoperative Treating of Abdomenal Cavity by Preparation at-31
Tamila Gvenetadze, David Demetrashvili
Antibody Based Therapeutic for Parkinson's Disease
Rebecca M. Glaspie, Stefanie Velgos, Sharareh Emadi, Michael Sierks

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