Monday, November 5, 2007: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Systems and Process Control (10b)

#143 - Recent Developments in Systems and Process Control Poster Session (10B05)
This session is a poster session for general topics in systems and process control.
Chair:Robert E. Young
CoChair:Mayuresh V. Kothare
Design of Decentralized Pid Controller for Enhanced Robust Stability of Multivariable Control Systems
Luan Vu Truong Nguyen, Moonyong Lee
Computationally Derived Points Of Fragility Of A Human Cascade Are Consistent With Current Therapeutic Strategies
Deyan Luan, Michael Zai, Jeffrey D. Varner
Integrated Product and Process Control of Multi-Input-Multi-Output Systems
Zheng Liu, Jie Xiao, Yinlun Huang
Model Predictive Control Of Surface Roughness Of Thin Films Using Data Driven Models
Kaushik Narasimhan, Vinay Prasad, Sachin C. Patwardhan
On A New Optimization-Based Lyapunov Methodology for the Estimation of Domains of Attraction
Luis Gerónimo Matallana Pérez, Aníbal Manuel Blanco, José Alberto Bandoni
Networked Predictive Control Of Process Systems
David Muñoz de la Peña, Jin Feng Liu, Charles McFall, Ben Ohran, Panagiotis D. Christofides, James F. Davis
Blood Glucose Regulation Using Stochastic Optimal Control for Insulin Dependent Diabetic Patients
Saadet Ulas Acikgoz, Urmila Diwekar
State Estimation In Ito–Volterra Systems And Its Application To Optimal Filtering With Continuous, Multirate, Randomly-Sampled, And Delayed Measurements
Mikhail Skliar, Michael Basin, Huichai Zhang
Design of Experiments for Multivariable Systems Subject to Integral Controllability
Mark Darby, Michael Nikolaou

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