Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#99 - Student Poster Session: Environmental (04019)
One of nine segmented studnet poster sessions.
Chair:Christopher Williams
CoChair:Salma Saddawi, Special, Profess
Evaluating the Reliability of Groundwater Samples Taken from Wells Potentially Impacted by Residual Drilling Fluids Using Multiple Reduction-Oxidation Indicators
Andrew L. Lynch, Jennifer Teerlink, Brian N. Spall, June T. Fabryka-Martin, Patrick A. Longmire
High Temperature Chemi-Sorption of Mercury on a Non-Carbonaceous Substrate
Jake Van Alstyne
Computer Simulation of the Structure of Efflux Pumps to Increase Whole-Cell Biocatalytic Efficiency for Reactions Involving Aromatic Compounds
Jennifer K. Gilliam
Cadmium Adsorption by Mixed-Culture Biofilms under Metabolizing and Non-Metabolizing Conditions
Jose R. Diaz, Leon Downing, Brian Ginn, Robert Nerenberg, Jeremy Fein
Behavior of Autotrophic Perchlorate Reducing Bacteria and Analysis of Research Department Explosive [Rdx] in Water by High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Hplc/Uv
José Roberto Rivera-Negrón, Ashish K. Sahu, Sarina Ergas
Non-Linear Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen Variations in Cahaba River, Al
Robert Cox, Manish Misra
Analysis of Complexing Agents Used to Facilitate Electrokinetic Remediation of Hg Contaminated Soil
Hamza Syed
Sodium Tolerance and Effects on the Growth of Arabidopsis Thaliana
Michael W. Tsiang, Sandy Suseno
Investigating the Links between Atmospheric Pollutants, Meteorology and Water Pollution
Derek J. Rice, Timothy M. Raymond
Novel Nanostructured Sorbents for Mercury Capture
Shawn P. Manchester, Robert H. Hurt
Bioremediation of Copper from Chemical Mechanical Planarization (Cmp) Wastewater
Damaris Morales, Moses Bogere, Y. Padilla, Kimberly Ogden
Determination of Biodiesel-Diesel Mixtures with near Infrared Spectrometry
Pablo A. Santiago, Jose Colucci
Sonolysis of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products as an Advanced Oxidation Process for the Remediation Treatment of Wastewater Effluents
Jomaries M. Rovira
The Effect of Water Content on the Viscosity of Ionic Liquids
Bradley M. Buchheit, Ruth E. Baltus
Evaluating the Use of Electrokinetics for the Remediation of Mercury from Soil
Jason M. Selzer
Identifying and Evaluating Concerns Associated with High Level Mercury Analysis
Heather S. Thomas
Thermodynamic Analysis of a Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell
Eric A. Zielke, William Golden
Measurement and Prediction of Octanol-Water Partition Coefficients for Selected Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
Ashley Jermusyk, Samuel A. Morton III
Water Distillation in a Solar Still
Edgar Sandoval, Anthony De La O, Dr. David Rockstraw
Study of Pilot Plant Acetone Use Reduction
Stephanie Jo Grainger, Ihab H. Farag
Pseudo-Nitzschia: Emerging Harmful Algae Bloom Threat in the Gulf of Maine
Deborah E. Osborn, Linda McCauley, Don Anderson
Water Uptake Ability of Atmospheric Aerosols
Mark W. Zimmerman, Dr. Tim Raymond
Water Characterization at Valero Paulsboro Refinery
Lisa A. Scodari, Daniel Sujo-Nava, Timothy Moroz, Anthony Furiato, Mariano Savelski, Stewart Slater, Kevin Dahm

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