Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#439 - Drug and Gene Delivery Poster Session (15014)
One of 12 group 15 poster sessions
Chair:Chang Lu
CoChair:Stelios C. Tsinontides
Design of Improved Permeation Enhancers for Transdermal Drug Delivery Part I Model Development
Srinivasa S. Godavarthy, Sundararajan V. Madihally, Robert L. Robinson Jr., Khaled A. M. Gasem
Isolation, Amplification and Detection of Viral RNA
Matthew B. Kerby, Kristina Prachanronarong, Tiffany Yizar, Anubhav Tripathi, Andrew W. Artenstein, Steve M. Opal, Sarah Freeman
Gene and Drug Delivery to Mammalian Cells through Membrane Sandwiched Electroporation
Zhengzheng Fei, Yubing Xie, Shengnian Wang, Chee Guan Koh, Brian E. Henslee, L. James Lee, Yihua Loo, Kam W. Leong
Developing Novel Inhalation Formulations: a Microscopic Approach
Libo Wu, Mariam Al-Haydari, Sandro R. P. Da Rocha
Development and Production of Oil-in-Water Vehicles Microemulsion for Dermal Application of Ectoin
Galia Lavi, Mehrdad Ebrahimi, Thomas Schmidts, Frank Runkel, Peter Czermak
Bioavailability Estimation of Alginate/Chitosan Capsules Using a Simulated Human Intestinal System
Chong-Tai Kim, Chul-Jin Kim, Yong-Jin Cho, Ae-Jin Choi, Jae-Kwan Hwang
Mathematical Modeling of the Transdermal Drug Transport Based on Transient Diffusion Trough Homogeneous Membranes
Jose Roberto Nunhez, Amos Luciano Carneiro, Maria Helena Andrade Santana
Analysis of Heat-Aided Membrane-Controlled Drug Release
Laurent Simon
Elastic Moduli of Unilamellar Ether-Lipid Vesicles Estimated Using Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering
James R. Springstead, Harold G. Monbouquette

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