Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#457 - Pharmaceutical Technology Poster Session (15009)
One of 12 Group 15 poster sessions.
Chair:Chang Lu
CoChair:Stelios C. Tsinontides
An Ontology-Based Information Management System for Pharmaceutical Product Development
Leaelaf Hailemariam, Chunhua Zhao, Girish Joglekar, David Whittinghill, Ankur Jain, Venkat Venkatasubramanian, G. V. Reklaitis, Kenneth R. Morris, Prabir K. Basu
Optimization of Solvent Chasing Distillation in Pharmaceutical Industry
David Li, Jenny Lau, ChenXi Yang, Stephen Tyler, Kelley Ford
Protein Stabilization by Chemical Stabilizers: Molecular Dynamic Simulation and Experimental Validation
Diannan Lu, Zheng Liu
Development of a Robust Process for Harvesting Bioreactors
Christina L. Alexander, Parviz A. Shamlou, Lawrence H. Breen, Sigma S. Mostafa
Trouble-Shooting of Glassy and Ball Material Formulation during Drying of Api Wet Cake
Yubo Yang, Stephen Tyler
Optimization of Monoclonal Antibody Production Using Process Simulation and Scheduling Tools
Charles Siletti, Demetri P. Petrides
Developing a Systematic Design Approach to Tailor Crystal Size Distribution for Mixing-Sensitive Crystallization Processes
Xing Yi Woo, Reginald B. H. Tan, Richard D. Braatz
Inverse-Qsar for Inhibitors of Phosphate Cdc25b
Derick C. Weis, Donald P. Visco Jr., Jean-Loup Faulon
Measuring and Simulation of the Concentration Profile of Binary Mixtures of Powders When Flowing between Flat Plates with Rough Surfaces
Luis Guillermo Obregon Qui˝ones, Carlos Velazquez
Application of Raman Microscopy and Band-Target Entropy Minimization to Identify Trace Compounds in Model Pharmaceutical Tablets
Effendi Widjaja, Regina Kim Hong Seah
The Effect of a New Pressure Change Technology on Microorganisms, an Innovate Concept for Food and Pharmaceutical Safety
Reiner Staudt, Katrin B÷nsch, Jelka Ondruschka, Mike Wecks
Catalyst Trap Microreactor for Pharmaceutical Hydrogenation Reaction
Shaun M. McGovern, G. Harish, Ronald S. Besser
Linear Mixed-Effects Models in the Mathematica« Environment
Laurent Simon
Operational Challenges of Large Scale Monoclonal Antibody Bulk Production for Clinical Trial Delivery
James Varughese, Arun Kejariwal, T. Craig Seamans, Celestine Chang, Dean Caravoulias, Jeffrey Strekas
Phytochemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oil from Echinophora Platyloba DC
Somayeh Farsi, Gholamreza Asghari, Daryoush Abedi, Mohammad Jalali
Mechanical Property Characterization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Steve S. Y. Wang, Steven H. Chan, San Kiang

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