Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#425 - Animal & Plant Cell Culture Poster Session (15004)
One of 12 groiup 15 poster sessions.
Chair:Mariajose Castellanos
CoChair:Patrick C. Cirino
Metabolic Engineering of Artemisia Annua Hairy Roots
Bernard Y. K. Binder, Christie A.M. Peebles, David J. Morales, Ka-Yiu San
Engineering Microbial Factories for the Production of Plant-Specific Flavonoids
Effendi Leonard, Kok Hong Lim, Joseph Chemler, Yajun Yan, Mattheos Koffas
The Transient Effect of Jasmonic Acid Feeding along with Orca3 Overexpression in Catharanthus roseus Hairy Roots
Christie A.M. Peebles, Susan I. Gibson, Jacqueline V. Shanks, Ka-Yiu San
Effects of Gas Compositions on the Productivity of Biomass and Intra-Cellular Fatty Acids in a Green Alga Chlorococcum Littorale under the Photoautotrophic Conditions
Masaki Ota, Hiromoto Watanabe, Yoshitaka Kato, Masaru Watanabe, Yoshiyuki Sato, Richard L. Smith Jr., Hiroshi Inomata
Production of Recombinant Human Gelatin in Rice Cell Cultures
Corey N. Dodge, Karen A. McDonald, Mysore R. Sudarshana, Julio Baez
Quantitative Investigation of Microorganism and Fermentation Kinetics of Medicinal Plants in Mold Bran
Sumonthip Kongtun
Elicitor Treatment of Intact Plants of Papaver Somniferum, and Comparison of Morphinan Alkaloids Production, Gene Transcripts and Protein Expression Profiles upon Elicitation
Hong Soon Rhee, Hwa-Young Cho, Sung-Yong H. Yoon, Yoon-hi Choy, Jeong Jin Park, Seok-Young Son, Jong Moon Park
Transient Expression of Functional Human Alpha-1-Antitrypsin in Nicotiana benthamiana Plants and Suspension Cultures
Michael A. Plesha, Ting-Kuo Huang, Mysore R. Sudarshana, Sandra L. Uratsu, Bryce W. Falk, Abhaya M. Dandekar, Alan P. Jackman, Karen A. McDonald
Purification and Characterization of a Recombinant Gelatin Expressed in Transgenic Maize
Cheng Zhang, Charles E. Glatz, Julio Baez
In Silico Modeling and Simulation of Mouse Hybridoma Cells for the Enhanced Production of Monoclonal Antibodies
Suresh Selvarasu, Dong-Yup Lee1, I. a. Karimi, Victor Wong

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