Thursday, November 16, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Continental 8 (Hilton San Francisco)
#498 - Fuel Cell Portable Power Systems III (16D04)
Many believe that fuel cell systems for compact, portable applications (< 500 W) will be the first to achieve significant market penetration because of the high cost of the batteries they will replace on a $/W-hr/kg basis. Despite the opportunity, realizing small systems involves challenges not faced at larger scales. This session will present recent results, both fundamental and applied, relevant to the deployment of small scale, compact fuel cell systems. Topics will include approaches to miniaturization through integration of micromanufacturing techniques, results of prototype studies, thermal integration, MEA and stack challenges and solutions, micro fuel processing, BOP for small systems, and more.
Chair:Ronald S. Besser
CoChair:Woo Cheol Shin
8:30 AMReformed Methanol Micro Fuel Cell Systems for Portable Power Applications
Woo Cheol Shin, Ravi Upadhye, Robert Graff
8:55 AMNovel Chemical Mixtures to Generate Hydrogen for Portable Fuel Cells
Arvind Varma, Victor Diakov, Moiz Diwan, Evgeny Shafirovich
9:20 AMHydrogen Generation by Reforming Dimethylether Using Micro-Channel Reactor
Yuusuke Sato, Akihiko Ono, Fuminobu Tezuka, Yoshiyuki Isozaki
9:45 AMIntegration Potential in Different Reformer Strategies for Logistical Fuels Processing
Jennifer L. Wilder, Rose M. Cummings, Kristin H. McGlocklin, Mario R. Eden, Bruce J. Tatarchuk
10:10 AMDesign and Strategies for Operating Pem Fuel Cells with Dry Feeds
Jay B. Benziger, W. H. J. Hogarth

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