Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Lombard (Hilton San Francisco)
#57 - Advances and Case Studies in Crystallization and Post Crystallization Processing - II (02B05)
This sessions welcomes presentations on recent developments in crystallization and post-crystallization processing. This may include fundamental studies as well as applied research. This session includes but is not limited to modeling, characterization, and case studies. Contributions from industry are particularly encouraged.
Chair:James B. Rawlings
CoChair:Daniel A. Green
12:30 PMModeling and Simulation of Impinging Jet Crystallizers
Xing Yi Woo, Reginald B. H. Tan, Richard D. Braatz
12:50 PMEffect of Ostwald Ripening on Particle Breakage in Saturated Solutions
Devkant Gandhi, Priscilla J. Hill
1:10 PMRelating Chord-Length and Size Distributions: Applications in the Batch Crystallization of Paracetamol
Stephanie Barthe, Martha Gallivan, Ronald W. Rousseau
1:30 PMSimulation of Anti-Solvent Crystallization by Cfd-Pbe Approach
Xiaomin Liu, Matteo Strumendo, Dimitri Hatziavramidis, Hamid Arastoopour, Allan S. Myerson
1:50 PMSemibatch Evaporative Crystallization of Multiple Solutes
George Dumont, Laurent Nassif, Hatem Alsyouri, Ronald W. Rousseau
2:10 PMFiltration, Washing and Sizing of Multiple-Solute Crystal Products
Laurent Nassif, George Dumont, Ronald W. Rousseau

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