Friday, November 17, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Continental 7 (Hilton San Francisco)
#623 - Biological Conversions and Processes for Renewable Feedstocks II (T4008)
Explore advances in products and processes based on biologically-mediated catalysis of renewable substrates. Favor papers demonstrating the sound application of core scientific and engineering principles.
Chair:Nasib Qureshi
CoChair:James D. McMillan
8:30 AMExpression of Novel Enzymes for Biomass Conversion in E.Coli
Imade Asemota, Bruce E. Dale, Balan Venkatesh, R. M. Worden
8:50 AMEnzymatic Processing of Corn Fibers for a Complete Recovery of Ferulic Acid and Fermentable Sugars
Hyun-Dong Shin, Shara McClendon, Tien Le, Christopher Clarke, Frank Taylor, Rachel Ruizhen Chen
9:10 AMHigh-Value Lignin Co-Products through Pretreatment and Microbial Conditioning
Swetha Mahalaxmi, Naresh Budhavaram, Dr. Clint W. Williford, James Rawlins
9:30 AMGenomics Enabled Optimization of E. Coli Succinate Production
Michael D. Lynch, Tirzah Ya'el Mills, Amarjeet Singh, Ryan T. Gill
9:50 AMBreak
10:00 AMConversion of Glucose, Xylose, and Glycerol by Rhodotorula Glutinis into Triglycerides a Biodiesel Feedstock
Emily Easterling, Todd French, Rafael Hernandez, M. Licha
10:20 AMBiorefining Mixed Sugars Using High Densities of Growth-Arrested Corynebacteria
Hideaki Yukawa, Masayuki Inui, Alain A. Vertès
10:40 AMDevelopment of Cereal-Based Biorefineries for the Production of Biodegradable Plastics and Platform Chemicals
Colin Webb, Apostolis A. Koutinas, Chenyu Du, Ruohang Wang, Yunji Xu, Sze Ki Carol Lin, Rafael Luque, James H. Clark

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