Friday, November 17, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Continental 9 (Hilton San Francisco)
#621 - Alternative Fuels and Enabling Technologies III (16D06)
Chair:Tom R. Marrero
8:30 AMReduction of Metal Oxide Particles with Syngas for Hydrogen Production
Luis G. Velazquez-Vargas, Gupta Puneet, Fanxing Li, L. S. Fan
8:30 AMEnhancement of Dimethylether Yield by Reverse Shift Reaction in the Direct Dimethylether Synthesis
Kwang-Deog Jung, Sung-Hoon Chung, Palgunadi Jelliako, Oh-Shim Joo, Young-Kwon Park
8:30 AMBiogas Production Using Glycerol, the Biodiesel by-Product, as the Carbon Source
Benjamin P. Hartenbower, Dr. William T. French, Rafael Hernandez, Dr. Margarita Licha, Tracy J. Benson
8:30 AMSynergism between Coal Gasification and Ethanol Production
Elliot B. Kennel, Alfred H. Stiller, John W. Zondlo, Mark S. Heavner
8:30 AMStability Assessment of Wood and Bark Derived Bio-Fuels
Mark Bricka, Javeed Mohammad
8:30 AMHigh Purity Hydrogen Production with in-Situ Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Capture
Mahesh V. Iyer, Shwetha Ramkumar, L. S. Fan

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