Thursday, November 16, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Union Square 1 & 2 (Hilton San Francisco)
#570 - (22b) Micro- and Nanodevices for Targeted Therapeutics II (T8019)
This session will include papers applying micro- and nanoscale devices for application in targeted therapeutics.
Chair:Samir Mitragotri
CoChair:J. Zach Hilt
3:15 PMMedical Micro- and Nano-Technology: Case Studies in Transdermal Drug Delivery
Mark R. Prausnitz
3:55 PMNeedle-Free Transdermal Drug Delivery Using Pulsed Piezoelectric Microjets
Anubhav Arora, Itzhak Hakim, Ruben Rathnasingham, Ravi Srinivasan, Dan Fletcher, Samir Mitragotri
4:15 PMMultiphasic Polymer Nanocolloids with Potential Use for Drug Targeting
Kyung-Ho Roh, Mutsumi Yoshida, David C. Martin, Joerg Lahann
4:35 PMIn Vitro Ultrasound-Mediated Leakage from Phospholipid Vesicles
Mona Pong, Sumet Umchid, Peter A. Lewin, Jerzy Litniewski, Andrzej Nowicki, Steven P. Wrenn
4:55 PMWireless Induction Heating of Stratum Corneum for Transdermal Drug Delivery
Jung-Hwan Park, Jin-Woo Park, Yong-Kyu Yoon, Jeong-Woo Lee, Seong-O. Choi, Yeun-Ho Joung, Rachna Kamath, Yeu-Chun Kim, Mark G. Allen, Mark R. Prausnitz
5:15 PMMicrofluidic Probes for Tracer Studies of Convective Transport in the Brain
Keith B. Neeves, W. Mark Saltzman, William L. Olbricht

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