Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Franciscan A (Hilton San Francisco)
#445 - Fundamentals of Supported Catalysis III (20051)
Chair:John Regalbuto
CoChair:Susan M. Stagg-Williams
3:15 PMControlling the Molecular Structure and Reactivity of Supported Metal Oxide Catalytic Active Sites
Edward Lee, Israel E. Wachs
3:40 PMOdh of Propane over Several V2o5/Tio2-Sio2 and V2o5/Tio2 Catalysts: Understanding the Structure-Reactivity Relationship
Debaprasad Shee, Goutam Deo
4:05 PMLow Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of No by Co over Titania Supported Catalysts
Pavani M. Sreekanth, Panagiotis (Peter) Smirniotis
4:30 PMEffects of Zeolite Structure and Composition on the Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate by Oxidative Carbonylation of Methanol on Cu-Exchanged Y, Zsm-5, and Mordenite
Yihua Zhang, Dan Briggs, Emiel De Smit, Ian J. Drake, Alexis T. Bell
4:55 PMAcid/Base Investigations of Thermally Decomposed Acetylacetonates Supported on Nanocrystalline Mgo
Eric J. Doskocil, Samuel Yoder
5:20 PMSupport Effects on the Catalytic Decomposition of N2O to N2 over Supported Cuo Catalysts
Zheng Liu, Michael D. Amiridis, Yi Chen

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