Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Yerba Buena Ballroom 2 (Marriott San Francisco)
#534 - Biomimetics III: Cell-Material Interactions (08B14)
This session will highlight studies of molecular and material systems designed to mimic biomolecular structure and/or function. These studies will be focused towards addressing pressing biomedical challenges in cell-material interactions and tissue engineering.
Chair:Mark E. Byrne
CoChair:Esmaiel Jabbari
12:30 PMEffect of Adhesion Peptide Incorporation in Poly (L-Lactic Acid) Scaffolds on the Osteoblastic Differentiation of Mesemchymal Stem Cells under Conditions of Flow Perfusion
Jose F. Alvarez-Barreto, Vassilios I. Sikavitsas
1:00 PMOsteonectin-Derived Peptide Significantly Affects Modulus of Apatite/Hydrogel Composites
Alireza S. Sarvestani, Xuezhong He, Esmaiel Jabbari
1:20 PMInsect Cuticle as a Motif for Crosslinked Biomimetic Materials
Christian Eichler, Joseph Lomakin, Yasuyuki Arakane, Karl J. Kramer, Michael R. Kanost, Stevin H. Gehrke
1:40 PMCollagen-Mimetic Peptide (CΜΡ) for Integrin-Specific Cellular Recognition and Tissue Engineering
Shih Tak Khew, Xin Hao Zhu, Yen Wah Tong
2:00 PMChemical and Topographical Modification to Polydimethylsiloxane Surfaces Affect Growth and Adhesion of Caco-2 Cells
Lin Wang, Shashi K. Murthy, Mehmet R. Dokmeci, Rebecca L. Carrier
2:20 PMRole of Mw of Negatively-Charged Polymer on Cell Colonization in 3-D Matrices
Annett Ullm, Jeremy W. Tillman, Sundararajan V. Madihally
2:40 PMThe Use of Polymers in the Development of an Ex Vivo Three-Dimensional (3-D) Model of Human Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (Aml)
Teresa Mortera Blanco, Nicki Panoskaltsis, Alexander Bismarck, Athanasios Mantalaris

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