Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Union Square 14 (Hilton San Francisco)
#108 - Transport Processes in Multiphase Systems II (07A02)
Transport Processes in Multiphase Systems.
Chair:Sanjoy Banerjee
CoChair:David H. West
12:30 PMKeynote Lecture: Gas Transfer and Turbulence at the Air-Water Interface
Satoru Komori
1:10 PMScalar Transfer across the Air-Water Turbulent Interface
Zhifeng Xu, Boo Cheong Khoo, Keith J. Carpenter
1:25 PMGas Transfer and Surface Divergence at an Air-Water Interface in Channel Flow
Damon E. Turney, Sanjoy Banerjee
1:40 PMTransport of Liquid Water under Tension in a Synthetic Tree
Tobias D. Wheeler, Abraham D. Stroock
1:55 PMA Fuel Cell Motivated Model for the Decay of Bubbles Due to Coalescence in Small Channels
Michael D. Lundin, Mark J. McCready
2:10 PMInterfacial Area in a Packed-Bed Reactor Operating in Trickle Flow Regime
Shripad T. Revankar, Daeseong Jo
2:25 PMPerformance Enhancement in a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Via an Externally Applied Oscillatory Flow
Philip P. Schonewill, David T. Leighton
2:40 PMMomentum Stress Jump Condition at the Fluid-Porous Boundary: Prediction of the Jump Coefficient
J. Alberto Ochoa-Tapia, Francisco J. Valdes-Parada, Benoit Goyeau

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