Friday, November 17, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Union Square 17 & 18 (Hilton San Francisco)
#627 - Computational Biology: Systems Modeling II (21018)
This session is devoted to new developments in the theoretical and computational studies of biological systems. Such systems include protein/DNA interactions, protein/protein interactions, genetic networks, metabolic pathways, signal transduction pathways and inter- or intra-cellular transport of biomolecules. Presentations will focus on theoretical and computational techniques to predict, engineer or analyze the kinetic and thermodynamic properties of these systems. Emphasis will be placed on techniques that enable engineering by connecting molecular-level to macroscopic system-level properties. Additional favored topics include: new biological insights from studies of systems and industrial applications of computationally-driven biological systems engineering. Validation through comparison with experimental results is strongly encouraged.
Chair:Vassily Hatzimanikatis
CoChair:David Klinke
8:30 AMCharacterizing the Interval Timer within Drosophila's Circadian Clock
Robert S. Kuczenski, Kevin C. Hong, Jordi García-Ojalvo, Kelvin H. Lee
8:46 AMAnalyzing Individual Cancer Cell Motility with Chemotaxis Perspective
Alka A. Potdar, Peter T. Cummings
9:02 AMA Combined Modeling and Experimental Approach for in Vivo Parameter Estimation
Gregory T. Reeves, Stas Shvartsman
9:18 AMCharacterization of Cross-Hybridization Via Stochastic Simulation
Erdem Arslan, Ian J. Laurenzi
9:34 AMImproved Logical Formulation for Transcription Regulatory Networks Reconstruction Via Integer Linear Programming
Joao Natali, Jose M. Pinto
9:50 AMDeterministic and Stochastic Modeling of Genetic Networks with Positive Feedback Architecture
Michail Stamatakis, Nikos Mantzaris
10:06 AMModeling Ire1p Regulation and Activation in the Yeast Upr
Scott Hildebrandt, David Raden, Anne Skaja Robinson, Francis J. Doyle III
10:22 AMAdhesive Dynamics Simulations of the Shear Threshold Effect for Leukocytes
Kelly E. Caputo, Daniel A. Hammer
10:38 AMMolecular Mechanisms of HIV-1 Latency: Stochastics in Gene Expression and Chromatin Regulation
John C. Burnett, Adam P. Arkin, David V. Schaffer

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