Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 3 (Hilton San Francisco)
#380 - Catalytic Hydrogen Generation - General II (20047)
Catalytic generation of hydrogen for methanol or ammonia synthesis, on-purpose H2 for refineries, for vehicles, and for energy generation is very much a part of the catalysis landscape. This session addresses fundamentals of catalysis related to all aspects of hydrogen generation with fossil as well as biorenewable feedstocks, and includes reactions such as water gas shift. Papers include theory, kinetics, catalyst preparation, and characterization.
Chair:Rostam J. Madon
CoChair:James A. Dumesic
12:30 PMKinetic Study of Ammonia Decomposition on Tungsten Carbide for Cleaner Production of Hydrogen from Biomass Gasification
Sourabh S. Pansare, Walter Torres, James G. Goodwin Jr.
12:50 PMAqueous Phase Reforming of Bio-Derived Organic Compounds
Sadashiv M. Swami, Martin Abraham
1:10 PMAqueous-Phase Reforming of Ethylene Glycol with Supported Pt and Pd Bimetallic Catalysts
George Huber, John W. Shabaker, Steven Evans, James A. Dumesic
1:30 PMModified Ferrite Based Catalysts for Ultra-High Temperature Water Gas Shift Reaction for Membrane Reactor Applications
Ataullah Khan, Panagiotis (Peter) Smirniotis
1:50 PMPrecious Metal Monolithic Catalysts for Fuel Processing Overcoming the Limitations of Base Metal Particulate Catalysts
W. Ruettinger, O. Ilinich, Y. Liu, L. Shore, R. J. Farrauto
2:10 PMDevelopment of a Combined Catalyst and Sorbent for Hydrogen Production
Karl O. Albrecht, Justinus A. Satrio, Brent H. Shanks, Thomas D. Wheelock
2:30 PMImprovement of Methane Steam Reforming by Using Equilibrium Shift with Lithium Silicate
Takehiko Muramatsu, Kenji Essaki, Masahiro Kato

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