Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Franciscan B (Hilton San Francisco)
#233 - Fundamentals of Environmental Catalysis II (20034)
This session focuses on fundamentals of catalysis related to environmental applications.
Chair:Panagiotis (Peter) Smirniotis
CoChair:William Epling
12:30 PMModeling Nox Storage on Pt-Ba/Alumina Catalysts
Lei Cao, Brian R. Kromer, Lasitha Cumaranatunge, Shadab Mulla, Joshua L. Ratts, W. Nicholas Delgass, Fabio H. Ribeiro, James M. Caruthers, Aleksey Yezerets, Neal W. Currier
12:50 PMVarious Roles of Water in the Pt-Ba/Alumina Lean Nox Trap Catalysts
Do Heui Kim, Ja Hun Kwak, Janos Szanyi, Ya-Huei Chin, XianQin Wang, Jonathan Hanson, Charles H. F. Peden
1:10 PMMechanistic Investigation of Nsr (Nitrogen Oxide Storage and Reduction) Catalysts
Yu Su, Michael D. Amiridis, Karen S. Kabin, Michael P. Harold, Robert D. Clayton
1:30 PMLean NOX Trap Pt-Ba/Al2O3 Model Catalyst: Stability and Reactivity of Barium Species under Different Purging Conditions
Xiaoyin Chen, Johannes Schwank
1:50 PMProduct Speciation during Regeneration of Lean NoX Traps
Richard S. Larson, Josh A. Pihl, Veerathu K. Chakravarthy, C. Stuart Daw
2:10 PMPeculiar Changes in Pt Accessibility and Morphology for Pt/Bao-Al2O3 Lean NoX Trap Catalysts with Different Sulfation Levels
XianQin Wang, Do Heui Kim, Ja Hun Kwak, Chongmin Wang, Charles H. F. Peden
2:30 PMModeling and Experimental Tap Studies on the Kinetics of Nox Storage and Reduction over Pt/Alumina and Pt/Ba/Alumina Catalysts
Vinay S. Medhekar, Michael P. Harold, Vemuri Balakotaiah

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