Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Imperial A (Hilton San Francisco)
#44 - Reaction Engineering Symposium in Memory of E.E. Petersen (20046)
Papers will be presented to highlight the accomplishmenst of E.E. Petersen in Reaction Engineering and the impact that his work had in the field.
Chair:Alexis Bell
CoChair:Eduardo E. Wolf
8:30 AMKinetic Modeling of Processes and the Effect of Catalyst Deactivation by Coke Formation
Gilbert F. Froment
8:50 AMBlock Copolymers Via Controlled Radical Polymerization
Louis Hegedus, Peter Callais
9:10 AMKinetics and Mechanism of Moisture Interaction with Dielectric Oxides
Farhang Shadman
9:30 AMEarly Single Crystal Work of E.E. Petersen and G. Somorjai and Current Studies on Operando Spectroscopy
Eduardo E. Wolf
9:50 AMSurface Chemistry and the Single Pellet Diffusion Reactor
Richard Herz
10:10 AMThe Effects of Transport and Intrapellet Liquids on Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Rate and Selectivity
Enrique Iglesia
10:30 AMValidation of Reaction Mechanisms Used to Represent Reaction Kinetics for Catayzed Processes
Alexis Bell

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