Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Continental 5 (Hilton San Francisco)
#262 - (22b) Symposium on the 65th Birthday of Prof. Clark Colton Part IV (T8016)
Invited papers by Colton associates
Chair:Nicholas A. Peppas
CoChair:Michael V. Sefton
3:15 PMHepatic Tissue Engineering
Martin L. Yarmush
3:35 PMFactors Influencing Monocyte Transport to Arterial Endothelium
George Truskey
3:55 PMLipoprotein Entry into the Arterial Wall: Lipoprotein Interactions with Monocytes/Macrophages in Atherosclerosis
Guy Chisolm
4:15 PMMaking Molecules into Medicines: Engineering in Materials Properties
Colin R. Gardner, Orn Almarsson, Sherry Morissette, Jules Remenar, Matthew L. Peterson, Hector Guzman, Magali Hickey, Renato A. Chiarella, Tony Meehan, Michael Cima
4:35 PMDrug Absorption in the Upper Small Intestine and Its Implications in the Design of Oral Protein Delivery Carriers
Nicholas A. Peppas
4:55 PMTechnology Based Innovation in Healthcare: How Can We Do It Better?
Jay J. Schnitzer
5:15 PMChemical Engineering in Biology and Medicine: a Retrospective Perspective
Clark K. Colton

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