Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Continental 6 (Hilton San Francisco)
#286 - Integrated Design and Operation for Sustainability (TE010)
To attain a sustainable development, chemical process industries are practicing the art of pollution prevention that involves fundamental changes in the processes to minimize the formation of pollutants, as opposed to pollution control, involving end-of-pipe treatment of process emissions. Currently, "green" processes are designed based on concepts of process integration, which embodies a number of closely-related methodologies for designing new products and processes, and retrofitting existing ones by taking into consideration the performance of the entire process as a whole. Integration of product design, process design and operation, and management have been shown to improve the technical, economic, and environmental performance of the peocess industries. This means introducing green engineering principles as early as possible, and at all levels of engineering decision making, starting from discovery and design of new product structures at the molecular level, to management of the logistics for manufacturing and planning with the entire supply chain on the enterprise level.
Chair:Yu Qian
Cochairs:Urmila Diwekar
Tetsuo Fuchino
3:15 PMA Chemical Process Design Framework Including Different Stages of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Assessment
Hirokazu Sugiyama, Elena Antonijuan, Ulrich Fischer, Volker H. Hoffmann, Masahiko Hirao, Konrad Hungerbuehler
3:40 PMQsar Approach for Mixture Toxicity Prediction Using Independent Latent Descriptors and Fuzzy Membership Functions
Xue Zhong Wang, Mulaisho Mwense, Frances V. Buontempo, Nigel Horan, Anita Young, Daniel Osborn
4:05 PMAnalysis and Decision Making for Sustainable Development of the Surface Finishing Industry
Cristina Piluso, Yinlun Huang, Helen H. Lou
4:30 PMRisk-Based Design of Metal Degreasing Process and Operation Considering Local Chemical Risks and Environmental Impacts
Yasunori Kikuchi, Emi Kikuchi, Masahiko Hirao
4:55 PMCombining Expert System with Process Simulation for Waste Minimization in Batch Plant Operation
Iskandar Halim, Rajagopalan Srinivasan
5:20 PMThe Development of Energy Sharing in Industrial Areas of Japan with Pinch Technology
Kazuo Matsuda

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