Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 5 (Hilton San Francisco)
#550 - Global Sustainability Strategies and Stories (TE006)
Sustainability is increasingly perceived as a topic of global interest and value, especially in times where the world is facing a growing demand for fossil resources. This session is dedicated to exchange industrial and academic experiences how companies and universities are experiencing and globally reacting towards those changes. We will present examples how sustainability aspects are increasingly driving research and business decisions and invite discussions about the changing role of sustainability and how sustainability is communicated in different parts of the world. Furthermore, contributions are welcome that talk about geographical, cultural and societal differences around the globe and how well standard tools sets like e.g. LCA databases are able to address those cultural and regional diversities. The final goal of this session is to engage a diverse set of speakers from industry and academia from different parts of the world in a lively discussion about their views, trends and experiences.
Chair:Susanne Regine Veith
CoChair:Earl R. Beaver
12:30 PMLife Cycle Assessment of Honda Accord Hybrid Vehicles
Shekar Viswanathan, Luz Stella Bradley
12:50 PMEnvironmental Benefits of Polymers – from Classical Polymers to Bio-Based Materials
Jamie P. Ginn, Carina M. Alles, Todd M. Krieger, Robert W. Sylvester, Carl F. Muska
1:10 PMA Cradle to Gate Life Cycle Analysis of the Biopolymer Polylactic Acid: Looking beyond Global Warming and Fossil Fuel Use
Amy E. Landis, Thomas L. Theis, Michael A. Gonzalez, Raymond L. Smith
1:30 PMEstimating the Potential Economic Impact of Greenhouse Gas Costs on the Chemical Industry
Michael Arné
1:50 PMEvolution and Analysis of Phosphorus Metabolism in China
Yinpeng Fan, Shanying Hu, Dingjiang Chen, Yourun Li
2:10 PMReduced Data Techniques for Cleaner Production Evaluation for Surface Treatment Plants
Arnesh Telukdarie

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